• 【Breathable material】 The face slimming belt is made of breathable and elastic fabric material, which is skin-friendly, elastic and durable. You can fine-tune it according to your own face to make it more suitable for your face.
  • 【Reshape the face curve】 This face slimming strap can contact the skin, achieve a face-lifting effect through physical methods, help shape a perfectly contoured face and improve double chin.
  • 【Effects of use】 This face-lifting belt can improve facial swelling, tighten the skin, prevent sagging facial skin, prevent double chin, improve skin sagging, enhance skin elasticity, and make facial lines more obvious.
  • 【Use anytime】 This facial slimming strap can be used at any time at home, such as reading, resting, watching TV, cleaning the room, etc. It will not affect your normal activities and is very convenient to use.
  • 【Washable】 This double chin reducer can be washed with water and can be reused many times. It is environmentally friendly, promotes blood circulation, improves masseter muscles, and prevents sagging cheeks.