[6-Pairs] Unisex Copper-Infused Compression Socks - Assorted Colors

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Everyone wears socks. Why not wear socks with health benefits? Beyond the basic functions of normal socks copper socks stimulate the production of capillaries collagen and other key proteins producing healthier softer skin. Additionally thanks to the antimicrobial properties of copper it protects your feet against fungi and bacteria keeping your feet healthy and odor-free. Now these are some socks to write home about! Size Guide: S-M: fits women’s shoe sizes 6–9.5 and men’s shoe sizes 5–9.5 L-XL: fits women’s shoe sizes 10–13.5 and men’s shoe sizes 10–12.5


  • 6-Pairs Assorted Colors
  • Compression level: 20-30 mmHg
  • Infused with copper


30 Day Warranty