Adidas Men's Personal Care 3-In-1 Body Face and Hair Wash (8.4OZ) - 3 Pack

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Smell fresh and clean all day with the Adidas Men’s Personal Care 3-In-1 Body Face and Hair Wash. It’s three washes in one formulated with a lime extract for a clean burst of citrus and touch of mint so you’re cool and energized. It’s a strong masculine scent that starts your morning off on a high note recharges you at the end of a long day or refreshes you after hitting the gym. Be confident and you know she’ll be impressed.


  • EVERYDAY FRESH: Smell fresh and clean all day with Adidas Sport Energy 3-in-1 Body Wash. It is formulated with lime extract for a citrus burst to start your day and mint extract for a distinct coolness. Use daily for a bright confident masculine scent.
  • 3 WASHES IN 1: The fresh minty coolness of Adidas Sport Energy 3-in-1 Body Wash gives you the convenience of having three washes in one. Use Adidas Sport Energy 3-in-1 to wash your body your face and even your hair for a fresh energized clean all over.
  • BREAK OUT THE LEATHER JACKET: Adidas Sport Energy 3-in-1 Body Wash brings a touch of wildness to your day with its masculine scent. It will have you feeling like a gambler in the wild west energized & ready to face whatever dynamic travel the day brings.
  • IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING: With Adidas colognes and aftershaves you'll be ready to take on the impossible. Whether you're exploring exotic cities blazing new trails gambling on a new venture or looking to impress a special woman Adidas has what you need.
  • IMPOSSIBLE COMPARISON: Compare Adidas fragrances to Stetson Detroit Barber Solid Cologne Versace Nautica Pheromone Cologne Dolce and Gabanna Gucci Yacht Man Azzaro Sauvage Christian Dior Lucky You Issey Miyake Giorgio Armani or Adam Levine.


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