Dove Shower Gel Body Wash with Pump 27oz Each- 4 Pack

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Nourish the skin you’re in with Dove Body Wash. This creamy wash helps soothe dry skin delivering remarkable results after just one use. The sulfate-free body wash is packed with Dove’s most powerful moisturizers to help transform dry skin rich in Dove’s exclusive NutriumMoisture complex. The exhilarating combination invigorates as the deep moisturizers make skin softer smoother and more supple. It’s easy to apply to a washcloth bath pouf or loofah thanks to a pump top dispenser.


  • Bottle Size: 27oz
  • No duplicates
  • Potential scents: Deep Moisture Sensitive Skin Energizer Revive Gentle Renewing and Pampering
  • Easy to use top pump dispenser


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